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High strength XPS foam board suppliers in Perth

Perth's leading supplier of Knauf's XPS foam board.

As experts in Knauf insulation products, Perth Insulation Supplies are the ones to call for all your XPS foam board needs. All builders and architects looking for the very best XPS products in Perth can count on the expert team at Perth Insulation Supplies. XPS foam boards are safer, quicker and easier to install than alternative materials, and can be scored, snapped and cut to fit area of all shapes and sizes.
Perth Insulation - XPS Foam Board

Strong and durable XPS foam board.

Perth Insulation - XPS foam board patio

This lightweight XPS foam board is highly water resistant and high in thermal performance. Thanks to its tough and durable quality, this product is extremely resilient. XPS foam boards are available in straight or ship lapped edge, and never struggle with deterioration. Designed to increase the energy efficiency of your property, it also provides an extra barrier against unwanted moisture. 

Knauf's insulation foam board is highly resistant to compression and withstands both occasional and long term static loads. The high compressive strength and rigidity of the boards allow a range of ballast including gravel, soil and concrete slabs to be used as part of the construction. Load bearing construction elements should be designed to adequately support the combination of imposed and dead loads without creating excessive deflection. 

Where are XPS foam boards installed?

Perth Insulation - XPS foam board installation

XPS foam boards are used for a variety of applications, including cavity walls, edge beams, green roofs, external walls, cool rooms, basement walls, and below concrete slabs. Produced from polystyrene foam, they are designed to reflect heat from your room towards the surface. This means you will be lowering your energy consumption and carbon footprint, as well protecting your property from damaging dampness. 

If you are installing XPS foam board yourself and haven’t done so before, we are happy to provide professional safety and installation advice.

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