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As a world leader in thermal insulation products, we are proud to introduce Kingspan Insulation to Perth.

Kingspan is another top brand with a proven track record in quality product performance that is available through Perth Insulation Supplies. We combine our expertise with industry-leading insulation to ensure that you get the exact insulation your building project needs. Kingspan products are distributed across the globe, providing millions of homes and businesses with the finest quality of insulation.
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About Kingspan

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The Kingspan Group PLC was formed in Ireland in the late 1960s. With a reputation for being one of Europe’s fastest growing construction materials manufacturers, they formed a division called Kingspan Insulation. As leaders in innovative thermal insulation, they are committed to providing the world with high quality, flexible, and ultra-thin products.

Kingspan products

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Builders, engineers, designers, and contractors have described Kingspan products as having a superior quality that is unmatched within the industry. Their huge range of insulation creations are suitable for a diverse scale of applications, such as cavity walls, floors, timber framing, flat roofs, steel framing, pitched roofs, external cladding systems, and more.

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