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At Perth Insulation Supplies, we appreciate that just because we are experts in insulation services, our clients may not be.

As specialists in our industry, there isn’t anything we don’t know about insulation services and products. Below we have included many of our most common insulation questions. If there is a question that you would like to ask that we haven’t covered on this page, please feel free to call us at your convenience.
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Insulation FAQ's

Q: What is an R rating?
A: It is a score given as the result of testing that measures how a product resists heat transfer.

Q: What product do I use to insulate?
A: This depends on application, stage of build , type of walls, roof etc. Please ask us for advice.

Q: What does Sisalation wall wrap do?
A: This is a vapour barrier to protect internal linings, it has a very minimal R value .

Q: How many Turbo Beam roof vents will I need?
A: We recommend one per 90m² of roof area, it is also important to install eave vents to assist the ventilation process.

Q: Is Earthwool flammable?
A: No, all Earthwool insulation made by Knauf is categorised a non-combustible.

Q: Does Earthwool contain formaldehyde?
A: No, Earthwool is one of the few glasswool products that use an organic binder called ‘Ecose’ rather than traditional binders containing formaldehyde.

Q: Why are there different R values for batts with the same thickness?
Some batts are made with a higher density. This is generally done for acoustic purposes.

Q: How much will insulation actually cool my house?
Given the variables that are inherent in house designs, it is impossible to provide precise information regarding what will happen to indoor room temperatures. However, we do know that roof space temperatures can rise as high as 70˚C, and a combination of roof vents and insulation can easily reduce this by 30 - 35˚C.

Want to know more?

If are looking for more information about our products, insulation services, or anything else insulation related, you can always turn to the team at Perth Insulation Supplies. We are always happy to help our community of builders, designers, homeowners and contractors with their insulation needs.

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