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Pink Batts

Suppliers of Pink Batts insulation in Perth

Described as the next generation formula, Pink Batts Insulation offers a comfortable handling experience.

All builders and architects across Perth can experience Australian-born quality. Pink Batts Insulation is installed at an extensive range of properties year after year, thanks to its reliable performance.

Pink Batt features

Perth Insulation - Pink Batts Features - House

Lightweight and flexible, it is a suitable solution for insulating walls and ceilings at any domestic or commercial property. It has resilient glass wool features and is designed to act as a thermal barrier for your home.

Recognisable by its rose pink colour, Pink Batts Insulation keeps the heat in when it’s cold and out when it's hot. Also described as sound insulation, to keep both outside and inside noise at bay. This product is high in fire resistance and available in a range of sizes and R-values to match your residential and commercial needs.


Perth Insulation - Pink Batts Installation

Pink Batts Insulation fits tightly between timber and steel wall studs and should be installed before any internal linings are fixed. 

For further advice on safe and reliable installation techniques, don't hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Perth Insulation Supplies.

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