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High-quality PiRFORMATHERM  insulation board in Perth

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Here at Perth Insulation Supplies, we are proud to stock PiRFORMATHERM Insulation.


It’s easy to see why so many builders and designers across Perth trust us to supply them with the finest quality insulation products. Here at Perth Insulation Supplies, we stock PiRFORMATHERM  insulation boards, which are exquisite in both design and performance. They can also be made-to-order, so they’ll suit your individual building projects, no matter how big or small.

PIR Formatherm insulation boards come with a lifetime weather tightness guarantee and are used on all external wall and roof applications. Engineered joints make these panels complete, along with excellent thermal materials.

There are many reasons why PiRFORMATHERM  insulation boards are a favourite amongst today’s building and design industry professionals. Not only do they keep property structures dry and stable, they also eliminate all risk of condensation, thereby reducing building maintenance. They help our environment by keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum, whilst lowering price of your energy bills.

These insulated panels cover fire, thermal, acoustic, and corrosion performance, making them ideal for most Australian locations. Whether you live in a region that battles extreme hot or cold temperatures, or an area that is prone to floods, PIR Formatherm insulation boards will rise above the rest.


PiRFORMATHERM  insulation boards are all fire tested and made with a fire resistant core. This is why they are the first choice of many designers and builders, installed on a diverse range of residential and commercial building projects. Hospitals, malls, hotels, homes and food storage warehouses have all been insulated with these fire performance specific panels.

Perth Insulation - Pirformatherm product

What is PiRFORMATHERM™ Insulation?

Perth Insulation - Pirformatherm product
Proudly made in Australia, PiRFORMATHERM Insulation is a form of rigid thermoset board insulation. It is made of a polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core that is enclosed by a laminate-facing combination. These combinations include aluminium foil laminate and Kraft paper, double-sided aluminium foil laminate, and other such substances.


The benefits of PiRFORMATHERM™ Insulation

Perth Insulation - Pirformatherm product
This product has been specifically designed for the Australian environment and as such, has fantastic thermal and fire performance properties. These properties make this insulation perfect for wall, ceiling and soffit applications. PiRFORMATHERM Insulation can be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from commercial and industrial to residential.


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