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Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Permishield

Vapour-permeable insulation membrane

The Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield (Patent No. 2012100976) is another fantastic 3-in-1 solution consisting of insulation, thermal break, and vapour-permeable sarking. Suitable for stud frame wall and reverse brick veneer wall insulation, it has been specially designed for steel-framed wall applications for use behind lightweight cladding materials that require vapour permeance.
Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Permishield


The Permishield consists of a closed-cell structure, inserted between highly reflective foil surfaces that have been perforated with tiny and evenly-spaced holes. This patented design achieves thermal compliance and satisfies vapour permeance, removing the need for builders to utilise the traditional sarking and batts combination.
Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Permishield

Product Data

AIR-CELL Permishield® 65 AIR-CELL Permishield® 80
Emittance Reflective: E0.03 / Anti-Glare: E0.05 Reflective: E0.03 / Anti-Glare: E0.05
Roll Size 1350mm x 22.25m (30m2) 1350mm x 22.25m (30m2)
Product Thickness 6.5mm 8mm
Roll Weight 9.15kg 10kg

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