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Sisalation Foil

Multi-purpose sisalation foil suppliers in Perth

Perth's leading supplier of quality multi-purpose sisalation foil.

As Perth’s leading insulation supplier, we continually deliver on our local construction industry’s high demands. The team at Perth Insulation Supplies is dedicated to offering a vast range of products to suit all kinds of commercial and residential building projects. We research the very best products on today’s market, and educate ourselves on all new and innovative insulation creations. This enables us to fully understand and recommend the best insulation for your property.
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Why choose sisalation foil?

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We supply all builders and designers with multi-purpose sisalation foil that is of superior strength and durability. They come with tear-resistant, lightweight and flexible qualities, making them suitable for all roofs and walls. To prevent condensation and unwanted moisture to the inside of your home, sisalation foil is the perfect solution.

Where is sisalation foil installed?

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Mainly, sisalation foil protects buildings from moisture by being installed in building walls or roofs. It is a cost effective insulation solution made from craft paper, aluminium and lamination, which is used in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Sisalation foil protects your roof from heat penetration, enhances your insulation’s overall performance, is safe and very easy to install.

Sisalation foil is suitable for metal and tile roofs, and brick veneer.  It acts as a vapour barrier behind fibre cement and timber cladding walls also.

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