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Perth's leading supplier of Fletcher's Permastop roof blankets

We supply Fletcher's extremely popular Permastop roof blanket, designed to keep walls and roofs securely insulated.

Another popular choice among construction workers and designers across Perth, we ensure we are always fully stocked, as Fletcher’s roof blankets are so high in demand. Get in touch to find out more about our prompt delivery across WA. 

Permastop roof blanket features

Perth Insulation - Permastop Roof Blanket

The Permastop Roof Blanket provides outstanding thermal and acoustic performance. Featuring glass wool on one side and sisalation foil laminate on the other, this roof blanket keeps moisture at an absolute minimum, and is manufactured with a strong foil lap to seal the moisture barrier at any domestic or commercial property. They come in a range of sisalation foil coatings, and are soft to the touch, offering a more comfortable handling experience.

This roof blanket provides excellent condensation control whilst preventing extreme heat from entering your home. Most commonly used under metal deck roofs, it reduces noises on metal or cladding roofs, such as rain, hail, and the roof's natural expansion.

Installing Permastop roof blankets

Perth Insulation - Permastop Roof Blanket Installation

You must install the roof blanket facing downwards, in contact with the underside of the roof when installing.

For further advice on safe and reliable installation techniques, don't hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Perth Insulation Supplies.

Call us on 08 9250 2477 to order your Permastop roof blankets straight away

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