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Perth’s chosen supplier of the AIR-CELL Glareshield

Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Glareshield

Thermo reflective anti-glare insulation

Made in Australia, the AIR-CELL Glareshield from Kingspand is a patented thermo reflective anti-glare form of insulation. Designed to combat heat and heat loss through radiation, convection and conduction, its thermal performance far outstrips that of other conventional insulations.
Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Glareshield


The AIR-CELL Glareshield stands out from other bulk insulations in that it has none of the health and safety warnings typically associated with these products. Being non-allergenic and non-irritant, it is perfect for roof insulation in residential tiled roofs, residential metal roofs, and commercial metal deck roofs.
Perth Insulation - AIR-CELL Glareshield

Product Data

Product Code WA004
Emittance Reflective: E0.03 / Anti-Glare: E0.05
Roll size 1350mm x 22.25m (30m2)
Product thickness 7mm
Roll weight 11kg
Max span 2.4m width

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